Lama D

Lama D was born in Bhutan and grew up with his grandmother and extended family in the mountain red rice fields of Punakha. He began studying Buddhism at the age of six. He graduated in language and culture study from the Simtokha Monastery in Thimphu, Bhutan. In 2008 he received his Master’s Degree in Buddhist Philosophy from the Tango Buddhist Institute in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Lama D carries the ancient Nyingma and Kagyu traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.


He is the author of six books about Buddhism in the Dzongkha language including “The Water”, “Good Habits”, “Children’s Safety”, “Value Education”, and two books on Dzongkha Grammar. His books are used by the Bhutan Department of Education. He also wrote a comprehensive training manual on Kunye Massage techniques in the Chhokey classical Tibetan language for the Sorig Pure Vision Clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tibetan Healing Massage comes from the lineage of the ancient Medicine Buddha. It is more than a physical massage. It is a medical treatment that employs positive healing energy through visualization and silent chanting of sacred mantras of the Medicine Buddha. Tibetan Healing Massage uses pressure points on the body from traditional medicine. Lama D learned the techniques of Tibetan Healing Massage from Dr. Sherab Tenzin and Madame Pemala of the Pure Vision Sorig Clinic in Kathmandu.

Lama D has practiced Tibetan Healing Massage to clients from all over the world. His clients are from Russia, Germany, Denmark, Bhutan, USA, England, Canada, Italy, France, and Nepal.

They call him ”Magic Hands” because of his ability to transmit healing energy from his own visualization and to treat many illnesses including cancer, arthritis, nervous disorders, insomnia, hypertension, and anxiety.

A Demonstration

Lama D teaches therapists how to move beyond simple physical massage techniques, to offer true healing power. By integrating manual therapy with visualization and silent chanting, practitioners offer a deeper experience of harmony and total well being.

Lama D also offers moxa and cupping therapy, which draw out stagnation and stiffness from the bones and muscles. His hot towel treatments alleviate blood stagnation, relax the tendons, and make the skin soft and smooth.

When a treatment is finished, the client feels a deep sense of relaxation,
well-being and lightness in the body.

Lama D loves to make his clients happy and healthy. His Magic Hands are generous in teaching and offering relief from stress for all people.

“Lama D, Thank you very much. I am so grateful to you. I feel quite different now. When I came to you, I couldn’t even lift a cup of tea, as my hands were shaking badly. After a few days of your therapy, I can not only lift a cup of tea, but I can offer tea and pour it for others. Thank you!
— Lena, Moscow, 2017